Erasmus +
"Equality and Equity in Education"

Coordinator: International School for Linguistic and Cultural Mediation "SSML Internazionale"

The face-to-face activities will took place at the Campus de la "Universidad Internacional Isabel I de Castilla" in Burgos (Spain)

Partner Universities Involved:


SSML Internazionale is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to provide a three-year Bachelor’s Degree course in “Language Mediation” (180 ECTS); the syllabus includes two compulsory foreign languages (English and French) and a third language to be chosen between Spanish and German.
The educational offer includes two study courses: Business & Law and Tourism.

SSML Internazionale University was founded by IPSEF, the Institute for the Promotion and Development of Education and Training, in agreement with the Online University Giustino Fortunato.
The main aim is to provide students with advanced language skills, also from the translation point of view, in two foreign languages (CEFR C1 level), together with the study of their cultures and literatures
The Degree Course aims to train professional figures with high competence in the field of international communication, opening the doors to a wide range of career opportunities, including public or private institutions.


“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is one of the largest private universities in Romania, Europe. Professor Momcilo Luburici Ph.D., and Professor Corina Dumitrescu, Ph.D., the founders of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, have steadily financially and energetically supported this private academic entity so as to be included among the elite higher education institutions in the world. They also chose to name this university after Dimitrie Cantemir, the 18th century Prince philosopher, a representative scholar of the Enlightenment, and member of Berlin Academy of Sciences over the educational and scientific research diligence, as the spiritual figure of the University. “Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University has its main headquarters in Bucharest and branches in Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara. The five faculties in Bucharest offer undergraduate and graduate programs: The Faculty of Juridical and Administrative Science, The Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management, The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, The Faculty of Education Sciences, and The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (with programs for 10 foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian Chinese, and Korean as an optional language).


The educational group that makes up the Isabel I University and its Foundation has an important academic offer of official degrees, own degrees and professional training. As for the official diplomas, Isabel University offers 12 degrees (Business Administration and Management, Law, Computer Engineering, Security Sciences, Criminology, Psychology, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Human and Dietetic Nutrition, History, Geography and art history, Journalism, Early childhood education and primary education), 7 double degrees (Business administration and computer engineering, Law and business administration, Law and criminology, Legal and security sciences, Criminology and security sciences, Criminology and psychology, Primary education and early childhood education) and 18 master’s degrees (Management and Project Management, Law Firm, Digital Marketing, Occupational Risk Prevention, Human Resources Management, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Mobile Technologies, Nutrition and Dietetics for Practice Sports, General Psychology of Health, Techno-pedagogical Planning, Ne urosciences and Training, Teacher Training, Scientific Dissemination, Technology Training and Teaching Digital Skills, Legal Advice for Companies, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and Forensic Psychology.)

What is the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) Erasmus +?

The project focused on the Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5 (“quality education” and “gender equality”) of the United Nations Agenda, has involved 35 students from three partner Universities. Students attended a total of 15 hours of seminar lessons and workshops online and in presence. The online activities have been developed from 15th to19th May. Universidad Isabel I has hosted students from all the partner universities for institutional visits, lessons and activities in presence from 5th to 10th june.

Diary of the B.I.P.

Programma Internazionale BIP SSML 2023

Arrivo, accoglienza e visita al Campus dell'Universidad Isabel I
Cena di Gala – Benvenuto per gli studenti e i docenti coinvolti nel BIP SSML Erasmus+
Studenti e docenti durante il BIP SSML Erasmus+ 2023
Lezioni durante il BIP SSML Erasmus+ 2023
Studenti e docenti durante il BIP SSML Erasmus+ 2023
Studenti e docenti durante il BIP SSML Erasmus+ 2023
Presentazione dei Project Work da parte dei partecipanti al BIP SSML 2023
Cerimonia di consegna dei Diplomi finali di partecipazione al BIP SSML 2023

Project Aims:

Develop a thorough understanding ofthe issues of gender equality and diversity opportunities in education, lessons, seminars, and instructed visits will be mainly focused on the importance of valuing minority languages at any level of instruction, the “glass-ceiling” phenomenon in academia, and women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) disciplines. The aim is to achieve a higher level of inclusivity and sustainability in education, under different points of view, to promote cultural and linguistic awareness and to finally demolish gender, linguistic, and social barriers.